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First issue of Menome Japanese Arts and Antiques magazine Released.

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In this English-language issue, we selected features from the past issues of monthly antique art magazine “ME NO ME (Japanese Edition), focusing on interviews and stories of Japanese contemporary artists (Sugimoto Hiroshi), art collectors, and art dealers that represent the current antique art scene of Japan. Furthermore, Japanese old pottery, flower arrangements (Ikebana), Japanese dishes, Netsuke, and variety of Japanese antique art works are introduced with beautiful photos.



Hiroshi Sugimoto

A contemporary artist globally active in a wide variety of genres, Sugimoto Hiroshi was scheduled to hold four different exhibitions in Japan in 2020. Unfortunately, the worldwide pandemic has forced some of these events to be postponed. We had the opportunity to sit down and speak to him about the exhibitions and what he thinks the future holds.


Delivering the voices of the silent

MENOME was first published in Japan in 1977 as a monthly magazine that covered all kinds of information on antique arts and antiquities. Our pages do not focus only on the beauty or lack there of, nor we indulge into how much the artworks or artifacts are worth. We invite our readers into the fascinating backdrop of each antique, the story of the people and the divine surrounding the anicent masterpieces, often taking us into the world of history, philosophy, literature and science.


Prototype of the 1st issue of Menome, 1977

Current and back issues of Menome



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Here, MENOME introduces remarkable shops, markets and events for traditional Japanese art and antiques.

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