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Privacy Policy

At Menome Co., Ltd., handling of personal information is taken seriously. We comply with the laws and regulations related to the Personal Information Protection Law and other norms, and will work as follows.

  1. We have established rules regarding the handling of personal information, making sure that all employees and other related parties meet our standards. We have an appointed person in charge of personal information protection management to strictly adhere to our policy.

  2. We will take necessary measures to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and/or unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

  3. When collecting personal information, we will collect only the necessary range of personal information after clarifying the purpose of collecting and the scope of use.

  4. Personal information will not be used for purposes other than those specified in advance without the prior consent of the customer, except as required by law.

  5. Third parties who provide personal information based on the consent of the customer, will be obliged by contract to prevent leakage or reproduction of personal information for unauthorized purposes.

  6. When entrusting the management of personal information to a third party, we shall take appropriate measures so that the information will be managed in accordance with our policy regarding personal information.

  7. Upon receiving a formal request from the customer, provided that we can confirm to be a legitimate request, we will disclose, correct, change or delete the information as required by law.

  8. We will continue to educate our employees about the contents of our privacy policy and continuously review its contents to make improvements. In addition, as required by law, the handling of personal information for the purpose of reporting is not subject to this policy. 


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